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Your knees popping and cracking when you stand up, sit down, climb the stairs, or run around can be worrisome, especially when accompanied by pain or the knee completely giving out. Knee problems can start at any age and for a variety of reasons which is why a knee doctor Summerville SC residents trust recommends making an appointment at the first sign of knee trouble.

What Causes Knees to Pop?

Hearing the snap, crackle, and pop of your knees when you bend them can be alarming, but in most cases, an occasional noise when you move your knee is not something to be concerned about. Crepitus, or knee popping, often happens because of osteoarthritis, but there a few other reasons as well including:

  • Gas build in the synovial fluid surrounding the knee joint. The bubbles can burst when bending the knee and cause a popping sound. Pain does not accompany these bubbles bursting, however.
  • Ligaments and tendons stretching and snapping back into place can resemble a clicking noise.
  • Meniscus tears are common sport injuries that cause popping and cracking when you move your legs and knees.
  • The knee doctor Summerville SC residents go to often see patella and cartilage damage as the culprit for knee popping. This condition is caused by overuse and sometimes injuries and is accompanied by soreness around the kneecap.
  • Runners knee is caused by damage to the joint surface of the kneecap. Many patients who come to our knee doctor Summerville SC residents rely on see runner’s knee as the first step before Chondromalacia patella which can be excruciating.
  • Osteoarthritis is most common in people who are in their mid-fifties and is often caused by overuse, or natural aging. Cartilage is broken down and the joints can suffer from inflammation and chronic pain.

There are many reasons why your knee might be popping and cracking. If you are noticing these sounds multiple times per week or the sounds are accompanied by pain, you should see a knee doctor Summerville SC neighbors and friends recommend looking at your joints.

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