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Atlantic Coast Physical Medicine is pleased to offer waxing as part of our body and skin care treatment services. Our fast and proficient waxing services give you hair-free and silky smooth skin. If you are tired of shaving day after day, only to be left with patches of hair and nicks or cuts that produce ugly scarring, our waxing services are for you.

It is a quick procedure that can be done during your lunch break or while running errands. Stop in for a wax, and return to your regular scheduled activities for the day.

Waxing is an effective and traditional method to achieve long lasting results in the hair removal process.

Our services are available to both men and women and include soft and hard wax options, which is based on the treatment area.


Benefits of Waxing

  • No unsightly scars on your face or body

  • Lasts longer than shaving

  • No more razor burn

  • No more stubble and smoother skin

What Services We Offer

Facial Services


  • LIP

  • CHIN

  • FACE

Body Services




  • BACK

  • BIKINI (women)

  • BRAZILIAN (women)

What Should I Do Following A Treatment?

All clients are provided with a post-care instruction sheet following their waxing service. Typically, you should remember to avoid any exposure to the sun of the treatment area for 24-48 hours after the service to avoid excessive irritation or sensitivity. It is important to apply sunscreen to the areas exposed to the sun.

Avoid any fragrance lotions and shampoos immediately after a treatment to prevent irritation to the area.

Schedule a complimentary consultation with our licensed providers to find out more about our waxing treatment services.

Is Waxing Painful?

During the removal of the hair from the root, there may be a little discomfort. After the application of the wax and removal of the strip, pressure is applied to that area to ease the pain or discomfort. Certain areas of the body experience more sensitivity than others. A soothing cream is applied following the treatment to combat any sensitivity or irritation that may occur.

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Facial And Body Waxing FAQ

Is it safe to wax while pregnant?2019-06-13T11:06:12-04:00

Yes, it is perfectly safe to wax while you are pregnant. Women can and have been waxed right up to their due date.

Do I need to exfoliate before waxing?2019-06-13T11:08:05-04:00

No, but we do recommend that you exfoliate at least once a to remove dead skin cells and to keep ingrown hairs at bay.

Will I bleed when I get waxed?2019-06-13T11:08:46-04:00

First time bikini and underarm waxing can sometimes cause minor bleeding, but it is nothing to worry about. Both are sensitive areas and if you have been shaving for a long time, the hair is very thick and coarse. When the hair is like this, it can bring a drop of blood up with it as it detaches from the follicle. It is completely normal and is nothing to be alarmed about. Over time with regular waxing, it will stop happening and the hair starts to grow in finer and thinner.

My hair is long, should I trim it before getting waxed?2019-06-13T11:09:25-04:00

No, let our experienced Wax Specialists take care of that for you. When you trim the hair yourself, you tend to cut of too much from certain areas. Doing this may limit the amount of hair that can be removed. If hair is trimmed too short, the wax will not be able to grab onto it. Let us take care of you.

Can I spray tan before or after a wax?2019-06-13T11:10:11-04:00

After. If you spray tan before you wax, waxing will remove the spray tan when it exfoliates the dead skin cells. Since your skin will be freshly exfoliated, you should get great results from a spray tan after your wax.


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