Take A Break To Stretch and Strengthen
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Everyone has different physical demands during their dai­ly routine. We find that many people sit or stand in certain positions for lengthy periods of time and that can change our posture drastically over time. As this happens, our muscles form poor habits that ultimately change our health over time.

To improve poor posture and poor muscle habits, we need to stretch and retrain our muscles. Research has shown that stretching can help improve flexibility and increase the range of motion of your joints.

Better flexibility can im­prove your performance in physical activities and decrease your risk of injuries. By starting a simple 10-minute stretching habit 2-3 times per day, can create massive change in your overall posture and ultimately change your long-term health. So, give it a try! Take a break and try a stretch now.

We talk a lot of stretching, flexibility, and muscle habits here. Another major way to improve posture, reduce chronic back pain, joint pain, and maintain wellness is by getting regular Chiropractic adjustments.

In addition to regular chiropractic adjustments, and these rehabilitative treatments in the office, we also give HOMEWORK! As you continue with your corrective care here in the office, you will be given specific home exercises and stretches that are recommended for you. Setting aside time for home stretches and exercises and using the tools provided to you help achieve long term and lasting results.

Our goal is to not only get you out of pain, but to get you back into life! Your ability to live life to the fullest is our greatest reward. As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask our team members! We are always here to help!

5 Benefits of Stretching

  1. Stretching can improve posture.
  2. Stretching can improve range of motion.
  3. Stretching can decrease back pain.
  4. Stretching can help prevent injury.
  5. Stretching can decrease muscle soreness

Capitalize on all the benefits. Come in and see us and we will give you a tailored list made just for you! A consult is always free! Call 843-486-0999 and speak with out team.