When we hear the term ‘work out’ we usually envision going to a gym, or lifting heavy weights, or running mile after mile. We generally tend to think that bigger means better when it comes to fitness and health. However, what many of us don’t tend to realize is that the smaller, more compact movements and exercises, especially repeated often, have a big impact on overall strength and fitness.

If you have never heard of tiny movement exercises, here is a little more info. The little movements that impact strength and fitness during exercise are generally called isometric holds, and they work certain types of muscles is called Type 1, or slow-twitch muscle fibers. These muscles are a big deal! These slow-twitch muscles typically deal with big things in our bodies like posture and joint stability. These small isometric exercises hit these harder to work muscles and can help with preventing joint injury and long term damage. Targeting these Type 1 muscles will build stamina and enhance how fluidly you are able to move.

Small isometric exercise is something that we focus heavily on in our Physical Rehabilitation program here at Atlantic Coast Physical Medicine. Our aim is to help our patients rebuild long neglected or injured areas of the body by starting from the framework and working our way up as muscle strength, endurance, and flexibility improves. We implement a wide variety of small, isometric holds and exercises, paired with stretching, Chiropractic and Massage therapy, and other medical tools to build and regain core strength, posture, joint stability, overall stamina while reducing pain and discomfort.

If you have been into our office for rehab, you may recall performing some of these isometric exercises like the pelvic press, the bridge, planks, leg extensions, or using the resistance bands in all sorts of different ways. With the variety of exercise rehabilitation plans that we implement here, we are able to target all areas of the body to help our patients improve and meet their individual goals. If you haven’t been in for our exercise rehabilitation yet, call to set up a consult. You can come in to discuss all the ways that we may be able to help you meet your goals too!