Sciatica Treatment | People across the country deal with antagonizing back pain each day. The complex makeup of the spine makes it challenging to diagnose the core cause of discomfort and pain you may experience. Symptoms of sciatica could be the result of disc issues, an injury or nerve damage. Licensed providers can help diagnose and develop sciatica treatment options.  

If you are not sure if sciatica is what you’re dealing with, here are a few warning signs.

Pain Extending from Lower Back Into the Back of the Leg may be one sign. One of the leading signs of sciatica is pain. The pain will cause high levels of discomfort that usually initiates in the lower area of the back. This pain may trickle down into the buttocks and eventually, into the back of your leg or even the foot. Although the sciatic nerve runs down both legs, pain typically persists in only one leg.  It usually feels more uncomfortable to sit than stand. Sudden or quick movements may also aggravate the pain.

Leg or foot weakness occurs with some sciatic pain. In severe cases, your foot or leg may become weak or feel numb. You may notice that it has become difficult to lift one of your feet when walking, which could cause you to fall if you’re not extra careful. Many people wait until the pain worsens to seek sciatica treatment but early treatment could improve mobility.  

Tingling or Burning Sensation in the Legs are another sign that you should be attentive to. If one or both legs are tingling or present a burning sensation, it could be a sign that something is aggravating the sciatic nerve. In rare but serious cases, some people have difficulty controlling their bladder or even their bowels, which may be caused by a condition that effects the bottom area of the spine.

If you are in need of sciatica treatment for relief from the painful symptoms, you shouldn’t wait until the condition becomes too awful. Seek relief to help you resume a normal life that is free of pain.

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