Sciatica Relief in Summerville SC

Sciatica Relief in Summerville SC | The numbness or sensation of pain that you’re experiencing in any perimeter of the sciatic nerve could be sciatica. It possibly proceeds from the lower region of the spine, down to the buttocks, and throughout the rear of the legs. This is essentially the result of a compressed nerve.  If you’re experiencing this type of pain, you are likely in search of sciatica relief in Summerville SC

Sciatica pain can be slight or extremely severe, but in many episodes, it relieves itself. However, that doesn’t make it any easier to cope with when it occurs. There are many myths associated with sciatica. These myths make it difficult to understand or believe which methods of treatment are effective options for sciatica relief in Summerville SC.

The Most Common Myths Associated With Sciatica:

Sciatica is a diagnosis: you will often hear people say that they were diagnosed with sciatica or that their condition is sciatica. It’s neither. Sciatica is a symptom of an issue related to the compressed nerve.

Pain in the leg is sciatica: leg pain can be intense and even restricting but it’s not sciatica. True symptoms of sciatica proceed from the middle of the buttock and downward through the back-leg area. It usually proceeds below the back of the knee throughout the calf area.

There is no known cause of sciatica: Compressed or pinched sciatic nerves are the root cause of sciatica symptoms. They become compressed due to a compromised or herniated disk in the lower spine area. Some sciatica symptoms occur because of a growth or spur of the bones on the spine or as a result of spinal stenosis. 

You shouldn’t allow these or any other myths prevent you from seeking sciatica relief in Summerville SC. It’s not a condition or a diagnosis but it is painful and there are effective, non-invasive treatment options to help decrease the painful symptoms you may be experiencing. 

At Atlantic Coast Physical Medicine, we take an integrative approach to treat a wide range of issues, including sciatic pain. We specialize in developing personalized treatment plans and delivering lasting relief by treating the root cause of your issues and chronic pain.

Our team of board-certified nurse practitioners, physical therapy technicians, aestheticians, and chiropractors offer patients comprehensive types of treatment with two convenient locations in Mount Pleasant and Summerville, South Carolina. Schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss how we can help you get rid of sciatic pain and resume an active life.