Sciatica Relief | Pregnancy is one of the most joyous moments of a mother’s life. The joy of bringing life into the world is unexplainable. While pregnancy is filled with remarkable moments, there are a few downfalls that accompany it. One of the most common is the uncomfortable onsets of pain that some mothers experience, which can be linked to sciatica. In some cases, mothers need treatment to overcome this pain and achieve sciatica relief.

Expectant mothers sometimes begin to experience spurts of pain that feel as if it’s deeply embedded, sometimes dull and travels. The pain can be mild or excruciating but sciatica relief can often be obtained with effective treatment.

Pregnant & Seeking Sciatica Relief?

Sciatica during pregnancy is very common. It usually generates from problematic lumbar spine that may involve issues of the disc. Changes or shifts in the bones during pregnancy may also contribute to pregnancy sciatica. Any issues that lead to pressure on the nerve could lead to pregnancy sciatica.

Many pregnant women experience a herniated disc while pregnant. The result is typically pain in the lower back area, which almost 75% of expectant moms experience during their pregnancy term.

Signs of Sciatica in Expectant Mothers

Sciatica relief is something that all sufferers seek, especially during pregnancy.

Here are a few signs that a pregnant woman may have sciatica.

  • Intermittent or frequent pain in the leg or backside
  • Pain that occurs along or near the sciatic nerve; travels from the backside of the thigh into the foot
  • Piercing, traveling, or throbbing pain
  • Numbness in the leg
  • Hard time walking, sitting or standing

The above signs are possible indicators of sciatica and the occurrence of one or more of these symptoms could be another issue. It is best to consult a physician for an accurate diagnosis. Once the diagnosis has been given, therapy or physical therapy may be the most effective option for sciatica relief.

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