Runner’s knee is something that almost every seasoned runner will endure at some point. The pain can become so intense that it interferes with your training or running routine. For most, knee pain occurs just beneath the kneecap. For some, the pain becomes more intense as they sprint or jog up or down an incline. There may be a noticeable popping heard or felt in the knee while running. In severe cases, swelling may occur in the knee.

What Causes Runner’s Knee

Runner’s knee has one common denominator, consistent running. The more miles there are on the knees, the more likely runner’s knee will occur. The pain can be so excruciating that immediate knee pain relief is the biggest desire of the runner.

Most runners will experience this pain due to:

  • Poor core strength
  • Insufficient form while running
  • Mobility issues in the hip
  • Mobility challenges in the lower back
  • Insufficient engagement of the core

Knee Pain Relief Options

There are a few options for the treatment of runner’s knee. The initial instinct leads most runners to apply a heating pad, pain cream or other pain reflector. If the knee pain persists, it is recommended to have the knee examined by a medical professional. There are several treatment options available through physical therapy. Skilled physio rehab technicians can introduce techniques to assist in knee pain relief.

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