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Is your joint pain making it difficult for you to perform normal everyday tasks?

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We Have Many Tools To Help You Find Relief

  • Non-steroidal injections to help relubricate stiff, achy joints.

  • Trigger point injections to calm spasming stiff muscles.

  • Chiropractic adjustments (when it comes to back and neck pain, this is one of the fastest, safest treatments available)

  • Physio-rehab – our gentle stretching and exercise system retrains and strengthens your muscles gradually. We developed our system to be modified to fit any level of fitness, and to be adjusted to your particular needs.

  • Injections and chiropractic care will get you out of pain, this is what will keep you there!

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What is arthritis?2018-12-31T13:32:18-04:00

Arthritis is a medical condition characterized by joint inflammation. It’s a common condition that affects many adults. The different types of arthritis include:

  • OA
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Gout
  • Psoriatic arthritis
What is Osteoarthritis?2018-12-31T13:36:13-04:00

OA, or osteoarthritis, is one of the most common forms of arthritis that develops from the wear and tear of life that leads to the thinning of the protective cartilage in-between your bones. It tends to occur as you get older and is more common in women. Excess weight and genetics may increase your risk of developing OA.

OA can affect any joint in your body, but it most commonly causes symptoms in the hips, hands, knees, and spine.

How do I know I have osteoarthritis?2018-12-31T13:46:20-04:00

Common symptoms of OA include:

  • Joint pain and tenderness
  • Loss of range of motion
  • Feeling stiff, especially after waking in the morning
  • A grating sensation as your joints rub together

You may also develop bone spurs, which create hard lumps around your joints.

How is osteoarthritis managed?2019-02-12T23:56:40-04:00

There is no cure for OA, but the team at Atlantic Coast Physical Medicine may be able to help manage your symptoms to improve your quality of life.

Common treatments for OA include:

  • Anti-inflammatory and pain relieving medication
  • Physical or occupational therapy
  • Gentle exercise that involves breathing and stretching such as yoga or tai chi
  • Non-steroidal joint injections

The team at Atlantic Coast Physical Medicine may also recommend home treatments to help relieve pain, including heat and cold therapy, anti-inflammatory creams, and weight loss.

If the more conservative treatments can’t improve your symptoms, the team at Atlantic Coast Physical Medicine may suggest surgery, such as an osteotomy to realign your bones or a joint replacement.

What Are Non-Steroidal injections?2019-02-12T23:55:29-04:00

A non-steroidal injection lubricates the joint to relieve pain and discomfort. The injection contains hyaluronic acid, which is similar to the fluid naturally found in your joints. The team at Atlantic Coast Physical Medicine provide the injection in-office.

While the non-steroidal injection may help improve your pain, it’s only recommended after other less invasive treatments, including medication and therapy, have failed.

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Atlantic Coast Physical Medicine accepts a variety of major insurance plans. For specific insurance plan inquiries, please contact our office.

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I cannot say enough good things about Atlantic coast Medicine. I saw a difference in the first couple of days on the progress has been unbelievably good! I highly recommend them !!!

Pam R

Deep tissue massage was just what I needed. Ben is awesome.

Lisa P

Deanna is awesome and cares about her clients. She’s always got a warm smile and hug.

Jan G

The staff at Atlantic Coast physical medicine are just excellent they work cohesively as a team and are friendly and very respectful and professional.

Valentino G

This clinic offers an innovative complementary approach to rehabilitation and physical wellness.
I have benefitted greatly from their caring professional approach and would recommend them highly!

Peter L

I was in excruciating pain for years. The therapist there are all very patient and knowledgeable, Ben is one of my favorites. I would recommend Atlantic Coast for Physical Therapy.

Carol H

Great environment and staff! Jennifer is professional and she gives me pain free injections. Sharon brightens up my day with her friendly smile. Always professional and ready to help.

Tiffanee F

I started going to Atlantic Coast Physical Medicine because I had so much pain in my knee, it was crumpling underneath me. The whole staff has been amazing and are getting my knees back to being pain free! I can’t thank them enough.

Julie S

Great integrated facility that does a variety of different services that well get you back on track with you health.

Hermes G

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