Headaches can really put a damper on the day and even decrease your quality of life because of the pain. While most headaches are harmless and can resolve on their own or with the help of over-the-counter medications, some people suffer from chronic headaches caused from stress and muscle tension. People who suffer from chronic headaches often rely on medications to try to ease their pain and have no idea that relief can be in sight when working with the best physical therapy Summerville offers. 

How Physical Therapy Treats Headaches

People looking for headache relief will find exactly what they need at the top physical therapy Summerville offices. Muscle tension can be relieved through physical therapy, exercise, and stretching which should reduce your stress headaches and correct your posture, while helping you relax. 

When your posture is poor your neck and shoulders can compress and make your muscles incredibly tense and irritated. When you visit a healthcare facility that offers physical therapy Summerville residents receive the training necessary to complete exercises and stretches at home that will help build up your neck and shoulder muscles to reduce muscle tension and avoid headaches. Many of these stretches will have the added benefit of increasing flexibility, mobility, and loosen and work the chest muscles as well. 

The best physical therapy Summerville office providers will teach patients how to do the stretches and exercises necessary to end tension and stress headaches in any environment and for any ability. Every stretch or exercise offered through physical therapy will have multiple modifications to make them work for you and your mobility level. 

One of the best things you can do to relieve stress headaches at home is being vigilant about your posture. Especially if you have been working from home, work in an office, or drive a truck, or other job that requires you to sit down for long periods of time. Take time to stretch throughout your day. Walk around the office or the block outside, but also take the time to check yourself and whether you are sitting up straight or slouching while working. 

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