Swimmers often seek out the best physical therapy Summerville can offer to ensure they can keep their bodies moving at top physical ability in the water and out. Swimming is a total body workout that takes a lot of impact off the joints and is a sport that almost anyone can enjoy. However, there are injuries that can be sustained by swimming that can affect mobility and flexibility. 

Swimmer’s shoulder is a common injury sustained from repeated overhead motions with your arms that leads to an overused or irritated rotator cuff. The rubbing against the bone causes swelling, severe pain, and will only get worse if use is continued. Swimmer’s shoulder can become very serious and needs to be addressed by the best physical therapy Summerville offices can provide. 

Treating Swimmer’s Shoulder 

The best way to treat swimmer’s shoulder is nonsurgical and involves stretching and at-home exercises that you can learn at a physical therapy Summerville office. The key is to seek attention from physical therapy as soon as you start feeling symptoms such as pain when rotating your arm, weakness or stiffness in your shoulder, swelling, and tenderness. 

Some of the stretches recommended for swimmers having shoulder pain include:

  • Behind back lock stretch 
  • Triceps stretch 
  • Child’s pose
  • Wall press
  • Thread the needle
  • Cross arm stretch
  • Open book
  • Doorway pectoral stretch 

In addition to stretching, swimmers should ice their shoulder after swimming and use anti-inflammatory over the counter medications to reduce swelling. Going to a physical therapist regularly to work on your flexibility and mobility is a very useful tool to help you rehab your shoulder quickly and become stronger than ever. 

The best way to prevent swimmer’s shoulder is to ensure you are using the best swimming techniques, don’t overuse your shoulder, and rest at the first sign of shoulder pain. If your shoulder starts to swell, rest, ice, and anti-inflammatory medications should be used for 24-48 hours to reduce the chance of further injury. 

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