Many people attend their first physical therapy session after they have become injured and never consider meeting with a physical therapist any other time. However, physical therapy in Summerville can be extremely useful in preventing sport injuries, especially in high school and college. Athletes must train between games and in the off season to ensure they are always at peak performance ability. Athletic trainers and physical therapy can help keep athletes in top condition and game ready.

Physical Therapy Services

Physical therapy services may vary between offices but some of the common services you can count on include:

  • Onsite physical therapy or sports medicine
  • Education for coaches and athletes
  • Clinical evaluations and diagnostics
  • Emergency care
  • Physical therapy treatment
  • Rehabilitation
  • Strength training
  • Condition
  • Therapeutic massage

The services that you should be looking for if you are an athlete or have a teen athlete is preventative physical therapy in Summerville. This service is one of the most overlooked services but can be the most valuable for young athletes.

Preventative Physical Therapy

Athletes can receive personalized conditioning and strength training programs that will reduce risk of injury and maximize performance. Seeing a sports trainer through a physical therapy office can also help spot changes in performance to ensure injuries do not happen when muscle strain begins. These programs can also help with development of nutrition plans and exercise physiology.

Regularly going to physical therapy in Summerville also allows pain, discomfort, and injuries right away rather than waiting weeks to see a doctor or having to go to an Urgent Care Center or emergency room. Treatment plans for physical therapy are most successful when they are started as soon as possible. Many athletes try to power through the pain believing it is their muscles working, when in fact, they have an injury starting. Physical therapy can help athletes tell the difference between normal and unusual pain and get treatment fast.

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