If you play sports, you know there is a risk of injury that could range from minor to fatal every time you compete, practice, or condition. Some injuries are preventable while others happen because of accidents. However, the most preventable injuries are also some of the most common. This is especially seen in baseball where many of the injuries that do not come from being hit by flying balls, are muscular injuries that can often be treated with physical therapy in Summerville.

Most Common Baseball Injuries

There are four top injuries in baseball that can be treated through physical therapy in Summerville. Depending on the severity of the injury, the treatment options can extremely invasive (such as surgical) or not invasive at all (like hot and cold therapy).

  1. Strain- Muscles and tendons can easily be strained due to quick pulls and twists causing small tears in the muscles. These super tiny tears most often occur when proper stretching has not occurred prior to playing. Symptoms include pain and muscle weakness. Your doctor might also call this a pulled muscle or muscle tear.
  2. Sprain- Many people get strains and sprains mixed up; however, a sprain specifically affects ligaments which connect your bones together. Sprains are caused when ligaments are stretched too far which can lead to tears, bruising, swelling and intense pain.
  3. Dislocated Shoulder- One of the most common baseball injuries for pitchers is a dislocated shoulder. Any of your joined bones can become dislocated however from your fingers to your hips. Discoloration will cause mobility issues, weakness, pain, swelling, and temporary joint paralysis.
  4. Overuse- When you overuse a muscle you will feel soreness, stiffness, and possible pain. Overuse can result in long-term tissue damage, especially if not treated and done continuously.

All these issues can be treated through physical therapy in Summerville. Depending on the treatment and injury you may not even have to sit out of baseball season or miss a game!

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