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Physical therapy is often misunderstood as just another step in healing from an injury. We view it is a multistep treatment protocol that not only heals injuries, but relieves chronic pain. Regain your ability to move freely through life again.

Our team at Atlantic Coast Physical Medicine understands the intricacies of the human biomechanical system and how the different parts of the human body need to work together to provide you with optimal, pain-free, and unencumbered mobility.

Mobility & Flexibility

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a grandparent who enjoys being active with the grandchildren, mobility and flexibility can mean enjoying your favorite activity instead of being inhibited by your pain or injury.

Rather than simply finding ways around the problem or turning to drugs that can mask the underlying cause entirely, our physical therapy technicians approach your problem from every angle, leaving no stone unturned when it comes to restoring your quality of life.

Personalized Exercises

Our team comes up with a set of special and individualized exercises tailored to your goals that build strength, as well as increase your energy and enhance your mobility.

At Atlantic Coast Physical Medicine, your team uses only the latest in mobility tools and techniques so you can be certain that your journey toward a better-functioning body is hands-on, safe, and effective.

Physical Therapy Can Help

The physical therapy services at Atlantic Coast Physical Medicine are ideal for most any physical problems, including:

  • Injury

  • Arthritis

  • Degenerative Disks

  • Chronic and Systemic Pain Issues Such as Fibromyalgia

  • Spinal Irregularities

  • Chronic Fatigue

  • Pain Along Your Spine and Neck

Physical therapy not only works on alleviating your immediate issue. Our team ensures that you’re set up for a future of pain-free movement and optimal flexibility. Your individualized treatment protocols also work to strengthen and stabilize your weakened areas to prevent further problems.

Whether you’d like to address an acute injury or a chronic problem, call Atlantic Coast Physical Medicine for your best chances of success, or request an appointment.

Live Life On Your Terms.

Surgery takes a toll on the body. Physical Therapy can help! 


Physical Therapy following surgery can help to ensure the body heals properly and may also better help you to manage your pain levels so that you may work to regain function. Our licensed Physical Therapist fully understands the impact surgery has on the body and maintains the extensive medical knowledge necessary to identify and recognize weakness, movement disorders, and movement dysfunction. Our physical therapy division will work with your medical provider to deliver you optimal skilled treatment interventions to include: therapeutic exercises to promote muscle strengthening, active range of motion exercises to improve your flexibility and to minimize compensatory movement patterns, and will educate and instruct you on techniques to aid in pain prevention. All skilled physical therapy treatment interventions provided are aimed at helping you to regain function so you can get back to the activities you love! 


Knee Replacement:  

Following a knee replacement, exercising to regain strength and range of motion are crucial. Our program is patient-specific and begins with gentle exercises to stabilize and strengthen the muscles surrounding your knee and that help you to bear weight on your new joint. Range of motion exercises after surgery is especially important as they help to prevent muscle shortening and scar tissue formation. As part of the knee replacement program, we will help you to strengthen those muscle groups that may have become weak, stretch those muscles that may be too tight and limit movement, and will work to promote gait quality to prevent further aches and pains in your back and lower extremity. 


Hip Replacement:  

Physical Therapy following hip replacement surgery, whether total or partial, is often highly recommended to help you regain your mobility, stability, strength, and flexibility while trying to minimize further joint stress. After hip replacement surgery, your orthopedic surgeon may place you on activity precautions in order to minimize the risk of repeat injury and/or dislocation. Physical Therapy can help to ensure you perform exercises safely and effectively while maintaining your current hip precautions to prevent these risks while allowing you to regain your mobility and function. 


Shoulder Replacement:  

Full recovery from shoulder replacement surgery takes time, patience, and hard work. Physical therapy following shoulder replacement surgery is directed toward a gentle active range of motion activities to prevent frozen shoulder syndrome, strengthening exercises to stabilize the joint and prevent further joint stress, joint mobilization techniques to minimize the risk of scar tissue formation, and to further aid in range of motion recovery. Bruising and inflammation following any joint replacement surgery can be expected, especially with shoulder replacement surgery. Physical therapy will provide additional interventions to help further minimize swelling, pain, and to maintain healthy circulation to the shoulder joint, elbow joint, and hand. Some patients require additional exercises to restore their grip strength for which physical therapy can help too. 


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