Neck pain can dramatically affect our ability to function throughout the day. From not being able to turn our necks to suffering from headaches and intense pain with every sudden movement, neck pain can have you looking for any and every option for relief. Most people are conditioned to believe that their neck, backs, hips, and joints are going to ache and break as they get older, and they do not seek medical care. Instead, they rely on over-the-counter medications and doing things that might not be enough, like getting new pillows, hoping they will not have to go to the doctor. However, if you need neck pain relief Summerville doctors can offer a few different treatment options.

  1. Medication- If your neck pain relief is not coming through OTC medications, your doctor might offer a short prescription for muscle relaxers or other pain relief.
  2. Therapy- There are a few different therapy treatments that can be used for neck pain relief Summerville doctors often recommend. Physical therapy is the most common, but some doctors also use nerve stimulation, traction, and therapy braces such as soft collars.
  3. Steroid Injections- Corticosteroids are popularly used to relieve pain by injecting them into the facet joints or muscles in your neck. Some neck pain relief Summerville specialists will also inject numbing medication to relieve neck pain.
  4. Surgery- Neck pain is rarely treated with surgery unless an injury has caused spinal cord compression, damage, or bone damage.
  5. Alternative Options- There are a few different alternative treatment options for neck pain relief Summerville doctors such as chiropractors may offer including acupuncture and massage.

Before developing a treatment plan for your neck pain relief, your doctor should complete a thorough examination and possibly take x-rays to determine the root cause of the pain. The treatment option that is best for you may vary depending on the severity and cause of the pain.

Do not every start a treatment plan on your own without consulting with your physician. You should also not stop your treatment plan without talking to your doctor as well.

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