Migraine Doctor | Are constant headaches preventing you from living a productive life? Does the sound of a pin hitting the floor make you feel as if nails are screeching across a board? Do you experience flashes of life in your blind spot prior to the onset of the treacherous headaches? If you answered yes to these questions, you may be suffering from more than just a common headache. 

A migraine doctor can assess and treat your migraines. There is usually no technical diagnosis of the condition. However, after collecting your medical history and eliminating other possible causes, a prognosis can be given.

A proper assessment of symptoms by a migraine doctor will:

  • Reassure you that your headaches are not a result of a more severe illness
  • Provide you an opportunity to obtain professional insight and advice on proper management and treatment of the symptoms
  • Give you peace of mind in knowing that there are treatment options available 

If there are co-existing conditions that accompany your migraine, it effects the course of treatment in some cases. A migraine doctor can perform a professional assessment that identifies migraines as the type of headaches you’re experiencing and schedule you for a treatment protocol that may prevent the frequency of the attacks and assist in controlling the onset of others as they occur.

At Atlantic Coast Physical Medicine, we take an integrative approach to treat a wide range of issues, including migraines. We specialize in developing personalized treatment plans and delivering lasting relief by treating the root cause of your issues and chronic pain.

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