Lower Neck Pain | Tips to Alleviate Headache

Headaches can be excruciating, especially when accompanied by neck pain. The onset of a headache can occur without warning. The pain can be throbbing, striking or barely noticeable. When neck pain sets in as a result of a headache, it can be almost unbearable.

Here are a few tips to help alleviate a headache that is accompanied by neck pain.

1. Apply compression to the area. Firm and consistent compression applied to the forehead, lower neck or temple may offer pain relief. The pressure would need to be applied for a few minutes to notice any relief.

2. Practice good posture. Practicing good posture prevents pressure on the lower neck and back. Sitting erect with shoulders pushed back helps to align the head and shoulders as they should be. Poor posture can lead to headaches and neck pain.

3. Relax. Many tension headaches or neck pain is caused by stress or anxiety. Practicing a few breathing techniques can alleviate the pain associated with stress. Meditation is a great tool that aides in relaxation and the ability to focus more and stress less.

4. See a physical therapist. A treatment plan can be created by a physical therapist. The therapeutic approach helps to strengthen muscles in the back and lower neck.

5. Sleep on a proper pillow. Some neck pain can be prevented by sleeping on a proper pillow. It will promote a comfortable position while sleeping and decrease the risk of acquiring a headache or pain in the neck. The best type of pillow is dependent upon the alignment of the head and neck.

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