Back pain is one of the worst ailments people suffer through. We are conditioned to believe that our bones and muscles are meant to ache and be sore as we get older or if we have difficult or laborious jobs and most people do not seek treatment. Over the counter medications are usually the go-to option if you are seeking lower back pain treatment Summerville offers. Many people will spend thousands of dollars on new beds or ergonomically correct furniture to try to fix their back pain when they could save time and money trying other methods instead.

If you are needing lower back pain treatment Summerville doctors can provide, check out these options rather than spending thousands on a new bed.

  1. At Home Self-Care- Often, lower back pain can be treated by self-care in your own home. Resting, activity reduction or modification, hot/cold therapy, over the counter medications, and stretching can relieve a lot of pain for a very minimal cost.
  2. Prescription Medication- When your back pain is chronic or unbearable, talk to your doctor about medications that can help after injuries such as muscle relaxers or pain relievers.
  3. Non-Surgical Treatment- in addition to medications, most doctors will want to start a physical treatment plan that can involve braces, steroid injections, chiropractic care, and other methods to relieve your back pain. Some patients will benefit from physical therapy, massage, and acupuncture.
  4. Surgical Treatment- Having surgery is usually the last resort for back pain and injuries. If your doctor has referred to you a surgeon, your injuries or condition is severe or debilitating. Some surgeries are less invasive than others and some can even be done outpatient.
  5. Exercise- So long as your doctor recommends it, exercise can be especially useful in relieving chronic lower back pain because you are using and strengthening the muscles around your spine. Exercise can also lead to weight loss which many people need to reduce pain and stress on their spine and joints.

Back pain can have many causes and the cause is what will determine your lower back pain treatment Summerville chiropractors can provide. If your back pain is severe and causing immobility you should seek emergency medical treatment right away.

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