Could Stretching Relieve Your Lower Back Pain?

Lower back pain can be excruciating and disrupt daily routines. It is difficult to perform simple tasks when pain plagues the body. The degree of the pain makes it hard to believe that simple stretches could reduce or alleviate it altogether. Most pain relief options recommend stretching in addition to other methods of treatment for patients who suffer from back pain.

Prior to starting a stretching routine, it is extremely important to understand what is causing the back pain. Stretching does help to improve some lower back pain conditions but not all of them. Injured discs, which may result in spinal nerve pressure may find periodical relief from stretching but need to be addressed by a board-certified professional. Patients who live with scoliosis or other deformities of the spine may feel relief following a stretching regimen but also need to seek professional help from a licensed provider.

What Causes This? 

This can be the result of several factors. Here are a few motivators that may lead to pain in the lower area of the back.

  • Physical strain – over exertion of the muscles can occur when they are stretched too much. It can lead to tissue tears.
  • Repetitive bending – muscles become stiff or tight when bending motions are repeated. It can cause them to tear and result in back pain.
  • Improper posture – Do you slouch when you stand or sit? This adds additional stress to the muscles of the lower back.
  • Improper lifting – lifting heavy items can cause a strain on your back but when lifted improperly, the pain and damage could be much more severe. Improper lifting can lead to disc issues and cause misalignments in the vertebrae.

Tips for Proper Stretching

  • Wear loose fitting clothing
  • Use a mat when stretching on the floor
  • Hydrate properly
  • Alternate from side-to-side when stretching your body
  • Discontinue stretching if painful

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