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Laser Stretch Mark Removal

Use laser therapy to remove stretch marks and feel confident in your skin, again.

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Laser Stretch Mark Removal

Reveal smoother skin with laser stretch mark removal therapy. Stretch marks are totally normal, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with them. Enjoy effective results with quick treatments, mild discomfort, and no downtime. Schedule a free consultation to learn more about laser stretch mark removal.
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Smoother Skin

Say goodbye to stretch marks – and hello to a smoother, brighter-looking skin!

Stretch marks are a common part of life for many men and women. When the skin has been stretched too far or too fast – such as during puberty, pregnancy or weight fluctuations – these unsightly lines appear. Finally, there is a treatment that will reveal smooth and touchable skin.

How it Works

This fractional technology delivers pulses of laser light into the skin to target and break down stretch marks. This will help generate healthy new tissue to form in its place that is smoother and more even in skin tone.

What To Expect

You will see continued improvement in the skin’s appearance during and after a course of 3-5 treatments with visible results after each individual treatment. You will see progressive results on any stretch marks over the next six months as your skin naturally responds to the treatment.

Benefits of Icon™ For Stretch Mark Removal

  • Smoother, better looking skin without surgery
  • No downtime
  • Comfortable treatment sessions
  • Only laser technology FDA-cleared to treat stretch marks

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What type of result can I expect?2019-01-20T23:27:04-05:00

Expect to see an improvement in both the tone and texture of your stretch marks.

How long does the treatment take?2019-01-20T23:27:51-05:00

The treatment can be performed in as little as 30 minutes, depending on the size of the treatment area.

When can I resume my daily activities?2019-01-20T23:28:43-05:00

Typically you may resume your daily activities immediately following the treatment session.

How many treatments will I need?2019-01-20T23:29:38-05:00

Most people need four to eight treatment sessions for desired results.

What can I expect following the treatment?2019-01-20T23:30:28-05:00

You may experience a temporary redness and swelling of the stretch marks which could last a few days. Speak with your provider to discuss other possible side-effects and the necessary post-treatment care.

What are stretch marks?2019-01-20T23:36:47-05:00

Stretch marks are bands of scar tissue that occurs when your skin is stretched or shrunk too quickly, not allowing your skin enough time to grow or contract leading to injury and the formation of the scar.

Common causes of stretch marks include:

  • Puberty growth spurts
  • Pregnancy
  • Rapid muscle growth when bodybuilding
  • Weight gain or loss

Your hormones and heredity may also play a role in your development of stretch marks.

What is the Icon Aesthetic System?2019-01-20T23:38:45-05:00

The Icon Aesthetic System uses advanced medical and laser technology to treat various aesthetic concerns, including stretch marks, wrinkles and fine lines, unwanted hair, and scars.

The laser system is equipped with a number of innovative technologies that improve treatment outcomes and comfort.

How can the Icon laser improve my stretch marks?2019-01-20T23:39:25-05:00

The Icon laser uses targeted heat energy that breaks up the scar tissue and stimulates the production of new skin cells to improve appearance. The customized Microlenses for the Icon Aesthetic System are used to penetrate deep tissue and speed up treatment sessions.

To ease any discomfort during treatment, the team at Atlantic Coast Physical Medicine may apply a numbing agent over the treatment area before starting. Treatment time varies and depends on the extent of your scarring and the size of the treatment area.

For best results, you may need more than one treatment. The Atlantic Coast Physical Medicine team will work with you to devise a personalized treatment plan so you know what to expect.

After treatment, you may experience some swelling or redness, but the symptoms disappear within a few hours or a few days.

Are the scars gone for good after treatment?2019-01-20T23:40:08-05:00

The Icon laser can help minimize the appearance of your stretch marks but may not be able to completely eliminate them.

You may, however, be able to prevent future stretch marks from forming during periods of weight change with products that contain hyaluronic acid. The team at Atlantic Coast Physical Medicine can talk to you about your treatment options for preventing new scars from forming.