Large Joints | Pain Prevention Tips for Large Joints

Joint pain is one of the most uncomfortable sources of pain there is. In addition to being completely uncomfortable, pain in the  joints can limit mobility. This can lead to an uncomfortable life and daily challenges for years to come.

Joint pain is often a symptom of arthritis but can also be related to other health issues. You may need to seek the advice of a licensed provider to correctly identify the source of the pain.

In any case, there are steps you can take to help prevent or decrease the level of pain in your joints.

1. Get Sun-Kissed

Vitamin D is great nourishment for bone health. Muscle fatigue can be contributed to decreased levels of Vitamin D. Increased or consistent joint pain can be caused by a vitamin deficiency. Sun is a natural source of Vitamin D. Take in a walk, jog or bask in the sun to absorb the bright sunshine.

2. Wear Compression Products

Compression products such as sleeves or other gear are great for an active lifestyle or during travel. They promote the circulation of the blood throughout the muscles and joints. Wearing the gear works to prevent swelling of the joints.

3. Add Ice to Your Workout Routine

Once the workout is over, your joints and muscles kick into overtime. Applying ice to the joints may help to alleviate the pain after a run or other intense workout. Place the ice inside a bag or cloth to prevent placing it directly onto the skin.

4. Snack on the Right Foods

If you are experiencing pain in the joints, you may need to snack on a few foods that fight inflammation. Foods such as nuts, avocados, healthy fats and berries are great to decrease the risk of swelling of the joints.

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