After knee surgery patients will have a long road to recovery before they begin to feel 100 percent back to their pre-injury condition. The weeks post-surgery will be focused on your recovery time and working toward knee surgery therapy. This first few weeks can be painful and hard; however, after the first four to six weeks of recovery, the real work begins with more intense physical therapy. 

Many patients do not know what to expect when they begin a knee surgery therapy treatment plan. This is because the treatment plan will vary depending on factors such as the type of injury they sustained, the surgery they had, age, overall health, and other contributing factors or conditions. However, most therapists will be focusing on a few specific areas for every patient. 

  1. Posture- In addition to how you stand, posture also has to do with the overall alignment of your body, lower back, hips, knees, and feet. 

  2. Gait- During knee surgery therapy patients learn how to use their assistive walking devices. These devices can also be adjusted by a therapist as you recover and can put more weight on the knee. The therapist will use gait analysis while patients are walking to make determinations. 

  3. Range of Motion- One of the areas the therapist will focus most on is range of motion. The ability to flex and extend the knee is especially important to being able to walk independently and get back to life. 

  4. Strength- Without strengthening the knee muscles, increasing range of motion is impossible. Therapists do not just focus on the knee, however. The hips, back, buttocks, and calf muscles will also need to be strengthened due to immobility during the knee injury. 

While going through knee surgery therapy, it is important to also stick to your doctor’s treatment plan to ease and manage pain including rest, ice, heat, swelling control, and more. Most patients will be working with multiple healthcare providers after knee surgery, and it is vital to have continuity in care. 

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