Integrative Medicine

A collaborative approach to help you achieve all your healthcare goals.

Covering All Your Medical Needs

We specialize in collaborative, preventive, and holistic care. Our multidisciplinary team offers diverse types of treatments, conveniently located in  Summerville.
At Atlantic Coast Physical Medicine, we specialize in providing a personalized combination of medical treatments and natural therapies to help our patients relieve pain and achieve their healthcare goals.
Our team of board-certified nurse practitioners, physical rehab technicians, aestheticians, and chiropractors work together in delivering the highest-quality cutting edge medical care. By utilizing a variety of natural treatments and techniques, our team can relieve your pain and improve the function of your body as a whole to help you stay healthy.

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Medical Services

Integrative Medical Services

Primary Care

Our team of certified providers offer comprehensive and collaborative care for most of your health needs. We study and monitor your health from every angle to ensure that everything is working together and functioning optimally to maximize your health and wellness.

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Integrative Medical Services

Physical Rehabilitation

Physical rehabilitation is often misunderstood as just another step in healing from an injury. We view it is a multistep treatment protocol that not only heals people’s injuries, but delivers them from chronic pain. Regain your ability to move freely through life again.

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Integrative Medical Services


Our team uses the latest advanced Chiropractic techniques to relieve your pain and treat chronic conditions, such as misalignments and injuries. They focus on helping your body improve function as a whole to help accelerate your recovery period and stay healthy and pain free.

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Integrative Medical Services


There’s no cure for allergies, but immunotherapy has made great strides. We are proud to offer immunotherapy, which provides a long-term solution for patients suffering from allergies and chronic illness.

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Integrative Medical Services

Testing & Diagnostics

With the help of x-rays, we can better evaluate your bone health and establish a more accurate diagnosis. X-rays allow our providers to view your bones and joints with clarity and the related soft tissues.

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Integrative Medical Services

Joint Injections

Joint injections are used to treat inflammatory joint conditions such as; rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, gout, tendonitis, bursitis, and occasionally osteoarthritis. Relief is available, live life on your terms.

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Integrative Medical Services

Trigger Point Therapy

Used to treat your most painful muscle areas, Trigger Point Injections can be used for a variety of muscle groups including the arms, legs, back, and neck. Relief is available, get your life back.

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Commonly Accepted Medical Insurances

Atlantic Coast Physical Medicine accepts a variety of major insurance plans. For specific insurance plan inquiries, please contact our office.

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I cannot say enough good things about Atlantic coast Medicine. I saw a difference in the first couple of days on the progress has been unbelievably good! I highly recommend them !!!

Pam R

Deep tissue massage was just what I needed. Ben is awesome.

Lisa P

Deanna is awesome and cares about her clients. She's always got a warm smile and hug.

Jan G

The staff at Atlantic Coast physical medicine are just excellent they work cohesively as a team and are friendly and very respectful and professional.

Valentino G

This clinic offers an innovative complementary approach to rehabilitation and physical wellness.
I have benefitted greatly from their caring professional approach and would recommend them highly!

Peter L

I was in excruciating pain for years. The therapist there are all very patient and knowledgeable, Ben is one of my favorites. I would recommend Atlantic Coast for Physical Therapy.

Carol H

Great environment and staff! Jennifer is professional and she gives me pain free injections. Sharon brightens up my day with her friendly smile. Always professional and ready to help.

Tiffanee F

I started going to Atlantic Coast Physical Medicine because I had so much pain in my knee, it was crumpling underneath me. The whole staff has been amazing and are getting my knees back to being pain free! I can't thank them enough.

Julie S

Great integrated facility that does a variety of different services that well get you back on track with you health.

Hermes G