Hip Pain Treatment | Hip pain is a treacherous level of pain to live with on a daily basis. Yet, many people tend to ignore it instead of seeking hip pain treatment. Some believe that it will subside or go away over time. Others think that it’s a natural part of aging, and there is no effective method of treatment. Although not every case of hip pain will respond to treatment, there are unique treatment options available that everyone with this condition should at least consider.

Choosing to ignore the pain in your hip could lead to other conditions and reduced or diminished activity levels. People who fail to seek hip pain treatment may eventually begin to experience:

  • Elevated blood pressure readings as a result of stress or pain on the hip
  • Inability to do certain physical activities or exercises
  • Lack of interest in social activities due to the ongoing or reoccurring pain
  • Decreased performance or production at work due to inability to stand or move around as the job requires

There are a variety of hip pain treatment options available for you to consider. A careful and complete evaluation provided by a specialist could show that your pain would respond well to physical therapy. Effective treatment can help you regain a life of little to no hip pain, which would allow you to resume the activities and tasks that you enjoy most. 

At Atlantic Coast Physical Medicine, we take an integrative approach to treat a wide range of issues. Our unique approach allows patients to achieve optimal health and wellness. 

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