Hip Pain Treatment in Charleston SC

Hip Pain Treatment in Charleston SC | Are you experiencing hip pain at the most inconvenient times? To be clear, there is no convenient time to endure pain in the hip or any other area of the body. But are you finding it more difficult each day to walk, sit, sleep, or even drive because of reoccurring pain in the hip? If so, you’re not alone. There are millions of others out there just like you that live with the agony caused by chronic pain. 

Did you know that physical therapy is an effective option for hip pain treatment in Charleston SC? It’s understandable if you’re concerned that the activities or movements in rehab may make the pain worse. That’s why it’s important to only practice certain exercises under the guidance of a skilled physio rehab tech.

Physical Rehabilitation for Hip Pain Treatment in Charleston SC

Your medical provider may suggest physical therapy to assist in the relief of hip pain. It works to increase the range of motion and helps you to adequately balance a safe range of motion and cohesive pain management. 

You may be exposed to the following through physical therapy:

  • Stretching
  • Balance and coordination training
  • Joint stabilization or mobilization
  • Joint strengthening
  • Careful guidance to ensure proper form

Don’t allow fear of exercise to prevent you from experiencing relief from pain in your hip. When approached properly, physical therapy can be a beneficial option for hip pain treatment in Charleston SC, even more so than some other conventional treatment when combined with an integrative approach.

At Atlantic Coast Physical Medicine, we take an integrative approach to treat a wide range of issues, including hip pain. We specialize in developing personalized treatment plans and delivering lasting relief by treating the root cause of your issues and chronic pain.

Our team of board-certified nurse practitioners, physical therapy technicians, aestheticians, and chiropractors offer patients comprehensive types of treatment with two convenient locations in Mount Pleasant and Summerville, South Carolina. Schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss how we can help you get rid of joint pain and resume an active life.