Hip Pain | As we get older, pain seems to be a common occurrence in life. Pain can occur in the neck, back or the common hip pain that many experience on occasion. Pain seems to worsen with age and so do headaches.

Although pain in the head or hip effect two separate areas of the body, there may be a hidden link that many don’t know about.

What Causes Headaches

While there is no single answer to this question, there are a few common causes that have been identified. The onset of a headache may occur due to bright lights, dehydration, extreme stress and several other triggers. Because they are so common, many people ignore them or try rest to alleviate the pain.

What Causes Pain In The Hips

Pain in the hip can be more complex than a headache. It can be caused by muscle fatigue or weakness of the hips or legs, overuse and various other causes. The pain that occurs in the hip may become worse as the person ages. Unlike headaches that come and go, hip pain may become progressively worse from year to year. Pelvic pain tends to stay once it sets in.

The Hidden Link Between the Two

Wondering how the two pains are connected? There is a common cause associated with the two. Spine misalignment can cause headaches and pain in the hips. When this occurs, it can trigger pain in various areas of the body, but complaints of the hip and head are most common. Because the spine is the source of the misalignment, it also causes tension, pain and pressure in other areas such as the head or hip.

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