How do you treat chronic and acute pain?


The doctors at Atlantic Coast Physical Medicine always start treatment for acute and chronic pain with a non-surgical, non-opioid, non-steroid approach, instead focusing on a comprehensive and integrative method. Before suggesting treatment, your practitioner evaluates your entire health history to track patterns, underlying conditions, and family history. From there, they'll determine the best course [...]

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What is chronic pain?


Chronic pain is the leading source of pain in over 100 million people living in the United States. Generally, chronic pain arises as a result of a condition, like fibromyalgia or neuropathy, though acute pain from an injury that lingers for extended periods of time is considered chronic. Some examples of chronic pain-inducing conditions [...]

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What conditions does pain management treat?


Diagnosing the source of pain can be very difficult. Pledging to bring patients back to top functionality, the Atlantic Coast Physical Medicine team use innovative techniques to understand the cause of your pain. Pain management treats any of the following conditions: Back Pain Disc herniation General pain management Neck pain Sciatic pain [...]

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What is pain management?


Pain management relates to the treatment of all pain disorders, from minor discomfort to pain as a primary disease. Committed to providing real solutions for patients, the doctors at Atlantic Coast Physical Medicine perform a series of rigorous diagnostics and craft an individualized pain management plan based on your unique needs. The practice’s team [...]

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