How Can I Prevent Neck Pain?


Neck pain can usually be attributed to poor posture or wear and tear over time. To help prevent neck pain, preserve the natural curves in your neck and keep your head over your shoulders. The following will certainly help prevent neck pain: Practice Good Posture Don't sit for long periods of time, take breaks [...]

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When Should I See A Doctor About My Neck Pain?


Neck pain can come and go. If your neck pain goes away after a day or two and doesn't return, you probably do not need to see a doctor. If you have recurring neck pain or the pain in your neck does not go away, you should see a doctor. You should never ignore [...]

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What Causes Neck Pain?


There are many factors that could be contributing to your neck pain. Some common causes of neck pain include: Muscle tightness or strain Bone spurs or worn out joints Pinched nerves Injuries Poor Posture Diseases

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