What Are Common Knee Procedures?


The most common knee procedures typically involve knee replacement surgery — either partial, total or revision. The doctors at Atlantic Coast Physical Medicine are committed to providing alternatives to knee replacement surgery. One such alternative is viscosupplementation treatment. A hyaluronic acid solution called Sarapin® is injected directly into the affected area to decrease pain [...]

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When Should You See Doctor For Knee Pain?


The team at Atlantic Coast Physical Medicine recommend that you make an appointment as soon as possible if you're experiencing knee pain. Though you are the best arbiter for determining how much pain is too much pain, the practice’s doctors can help determine whether the pain you’re feeling is related to a larger, more [...]

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What Are The Symptoms Of Knee Pain?


Knee pain is typically never a standalone sensation. That means that it’s almost always a symptom of another injury or illness. Nevertheless, there are specific ways of identifying whether the pain is coming from your knee, including: Stiffness Redness and tenderness Swelling Crunching or popping sounds Weaknesses Inability to straighten the knee [...]

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What Causes Knee Pain?


A variety of factors may contribute to knee pain, though it typically stems from a combination of lifestyle choices and your medical condition. Some of the leading causes of knee pain include: Arthritis Knee pain can come from four different types of arthritic conditions: Septic arthritis Rheumatoid arthritis Osteoarthritis Gout Injuries Many heavy hitters [...]

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