Will I need hormone therapy for the rest of my life?


Hormone replacement therapy for women isn’t meant to serve as a long-term treatment. It’s recommended that you take the lowest dose of hormone replacement possible for the shortest period of time to reduce your risk of developing complications such as heart disease or stroke. For men, the team will monitor your testosterone levels and make [...]

Will I need hormone therapy for the rest of my life?2019-01-09T04:25:03-05:00

What is hormone replacement therapy?


Hormone replacement therapy is a form of treatment aimed at improving your hormone levels to reduce symptoms of imbalance. For Women Hormone replacement options for women include: Estrogen Estrogen with progestin Estrogen creams Bioidentical hormones, a more natural form of hormone replacement therapy With the exception of the vaginal creams, most of these hormone [...]

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How do I know if my hormones are out of balance?


Both men and women experience similar symptoms as their hormone levels start to decrease. These symptoms include: Night sweats and hot flashes Difficulty sleeping and fatigue Weight gain Low sex drive Erectile dysfunction in men, vaginal dryness in women Mood changes or depression Foggy thinking Thinning hair If you’re experiencing these symptoms, the team at [...]

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What causes hormone imbalance?


As you get older your body undergoes many changes, including a decrease in production of sex hormones. In women, it’s referred to as menopause or perimenopause, which is the transitional period when hormone levels begin to fluctuate before you reach menopause. In men, it’s referred to as andropause, low testosterone, or low T.

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