Knee Pain


Atlantic Coast Physical Medicine can help you if you’re seeking knee pain treatment in Summerville, SC. Knee pain is a common complaint, and most people suffer through at least minor knee pain at some point in time throughout their lives. Causes of knee pain can vary, but many times daily usage stress, sports-related injuries, and work-related tasks are the top factors for knee pain. Osteoporosis, arthritis, and other medical conditions can also contribute to chronic pain.

Acute injuries or injuries from overuse can also cause knee pain. The knee is the largest joint in the body, containing upper and lower bones which are separated by two discs called menisci.

The surfaces of the bones inside the knee are covered by articular cartilage. Sprains, strains, or other injuries to the ligaments and tendons of the knees can cause knee pain, and so can a meniscus tear a kneecap or knee joint dislocation.

Those seeking knee pain relief in Summerville can depend on the highly trained medical staff at Atlantic Coast Physical Medicine.

Through the use of non-invasive treatments such as rehabilitation therapy, we work to not only treat knee pain but also alleviate a variety of medical concerns.


Our knee pain treatments include: 

  • Joint Injections
  • Knee Rehabilitation
  • Knee Bracing


Did you know that 23% of American adults are currently suffering from chronic knee pain? That comes out to roughly 55 million men and women.


Here are some actual knee pain complaints we've heard from our patients:

  • “I avoid going upstairs in my own house. I have to rely on my neighbor to help me clean.” (67-year-old woman, Ladson)
  • “I’m 36 and I have a one-year-old at home. What if he wants to play football when he’s older? I don’t want to be the “old” dad” (36-year-old man, Summerville)
  • “When I see people using those motorized carts at the store, I secretly wish I could use one. I have to get a cart to lean on, even if I’m only going in for one thing!” (57-year-old woman, Summerville)
  • “There’s a set of stairs at work that I avoid. By the end of my shift, it’s pretty much impossible to use them at all.” (48-year-old man, North Charleston)
  • “I used to sing in the church choir. There’s no way I could stand for that long, and I’m too embarrassed to sit.” (77-year-old woman, Jedburg)
  • “I’m scared that one day he’ll (his grandson) will get away from me and get hurt. Last week he ran in front of a car in the parking lot, and I couldn’t move fast enough. Luckily, someone else grabbed him.” (64-year-old man, Ladson)
  • “The doctor says I need a knee replacement, but I’m too young to get one. What am I supposed to do until then? The pain keeps me up at night!” (56-year-old man, Summerville)
  • “I just want to be able to go for a walk on the beach with my wife again. That’s always been our special time.” (54-year-old man, James Island)
  • “I was so active just two years ago. I did CrossFit and ran. Now I just hold down the couch. I’m 50 pounds heavier, and my doctor wants me to lose weight – how am I supposed to do that when I can’t exercise?” (45-year-old woman, Summerville)
  • “It’s embarrassing to go places with people. I have to walk so slow, and I’m always looking for a place to sit down. In my neighborhood, they call me the lady with the limp.” (65-year-old woman, North Charleston)
  • “I injured my knee a year ago, and they did a meniscus repair. It was supposed to make things better, but I think it’s worse. It hurts constantly, and my knee feels really weak. I’m a former powerlifter, but there’s no way I can squat now. I have to climb up things to stand back up. (39-year-old man, Goose Creek))

Even though knee pain isn’t life-threatening, there’s no question that it’s drastically life-altering. Our physicians at Atlantic Coast Physical Medicine take a holistic functional approach toward diagnosing and treating knee problems.


The internal workings of your knee joints are very complex!

The cause of knee dysfunction and pain rarely comes from the knee itself. The muscles, bones, and tendons of your body support and distribute a great deal of force every day.

For instance, when you stand from a seated position, your patella (kneecap) works with your thigh muscles like a pulley to pull you upright. At the moment you start to stand, your kneecap has 7 times your bodyweight pulling on it. If you weigh 180 lbs., that would be 1,260 lbs. of force on something the length of your palm. This is if everything is working the way it’s supposed to. Imagine if the weight hanging off the pulley was unbalanced, or the pulley itself wasn’t straight – not good!


Diagnosis and Treatment of Knee Pain 

  • Step One is to figure out where the pain is coming from. We do this by paying close attention to your description of what you’re feeling and then using digital x-ray to look for signs of arthritis. We also do orthopedic testing, gait analysis, and functional testing to provide a complete picture. Knee issues can be very complicated, and it’s vital that we’re thorough.
  • Step Two is to have our team sit down together and come up with a plan. Our practice combines the talents of multiple healthcare approaches. Working together, they’ll find the best way to get you out of pain and to restore the function that you’ve lost.
  • The final step is to begin treatment. We have a wide array of tools to choose from, and we’ll always make sure you know exactly what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. During your course of treatment with us, we’ll be closely monitoring your progress. Our physicians will be watching closely to see what works best for you. Getting better is a journey, and we’ll be with you every step of the way.
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