Connection Between Knees, Hips and Low Back

Knee pain is the second-most common cause of chronic joint pain. Although this condition is one that affects millions every year, the connection between the knee and low back is one that many have missed. The body is not singular and unilateral, but rather a system of multiple joints working together at once. Just like a car, our bodies’ multiple parts and pieces must work together in order to achieve proper function.

The most common causes of knee pain are related to aging, injury, and/or repeated stress on the knee. Stressful and continual wear and tear on the knees can be avoided if the cause of the abnormal stress is found and corrected.

When addressing joint conditions with our patients, we take a comprehensive look at you, as a whole. The location of your pain is not always the culprit, just the tires wearing incorrectly on a car are not due to the tires themselves, but rather the alignment of the car. This can be the case with the knees and knee pain. Knees are the largest weight-bearing joint in our body, but the alignment, movement, and position of the pelvis plays a huge role in the distribution of weight across the knee joint. If your pelvis is rotated improperly, every step you take will distribute weight unevenly across the joint, causing breakdown and arthritic change to begin.

By finding the source and origin of the problem, whether the back, pelvis, or the knee, most patients find the improvement to be substantial. The comprehensive and integrative approach we use allows us to address the alignment issues, the joint space specifically, as well as the surrounding posture and gait muscles needed to maintain the correct function of the joints throughout the body.

During treatment, we retrain your body to work in proper balance and function to ensure that it works like a well-oiled machine! Any other treatment that focuses on just one part, is missing crucial pieces and will not ever be able to complete the puzzle of pain relief! For further questions or to understand how this approach can help you deal with joint pain, please speak to one of our team members here at Atlantic Coast Physical Medicine. We win when you win!