Chronic Back Pain | One of the most life-altering side effects of chronic back pain is depression. Often described as clinical or major depression, it is more extensive than occasional sadness or feelings of inadequacy. 

Major depression presents symptoms every day for approximately two weeks. Those symptoms maybe five or more of the following:

  • Occasional crying episodes accompanied by feelings of sadness, hopelessness, or extreme irritability
  • Changes in appetite to include loss or gain; significant weight gain or loss
  • Hypersomnia or hyposomnia
  • Loss of energy or bouts of agitation
  • Decrease of interest in usual activities
  • Feeling guilt or a lack of self-worth
  • Difficulty remembering or concentrating
  • Thoughts of taking your own life or dying in other ways

Chronic back pain and extreme sadness or depression are among the leading health issues that medical professionals see daily. Major depression exists more in people living with chronic back pain than it does in those without experiences with pain.

A combination of depression and excessive pain is linked to increased disability than either of the conditions alone. Why does this pain lead to depression? There are several reasons.

  • Pain in the back causes interruptions in sleep patterns, which can result in extreme fatigue and irritability. 
  • The challenges presented throughout the day because of back pain makes it difficult for a person to navigate through their daily duties. This can cause them to become socially withdrawn and eventually, depressed. 
  • Not being able to work can create financial hardships, which can ultimately begin to take a toll on other areas of life. 

If you’re experiencing symptoms of depression, talk with your doctor or a licensed professional.

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