Chiropractic Care in Summerville

If you have been suffering from neck pain since working from home, you are not alone. Hundreds of people are seeking chiropractor care in Summerville SC to help correct neck pain caused by bad posture. However, if you want long-term relief, you will need to change some of your habits and daily practices. Your chiropractor can help you prepare for your treatment plan both in the office and at home.

Tips for Relieving Neck Pain

There are many ways you can relieve your neck pain in addition to cold therapy or medication. Some of the tips will take time to become habits so ensure you stay conscious and self-aware while you are at your desk or computer.

  1. Use Correct Posture or a Posture Corrector- Your shoulders should be square over your hips and your ears in line with your shoulders. You will notice feeling taller and your spine will be straight. You should also adjust your chair to keep your monitors at eye level, so you are not lowering or lifting your head while working.
  2. Get Up and Move- Taking frequent breaks to get up and move or stretch is a vital step in keeping neck pain at bay. Ask your healthcare practitioner where you get chiropractic care in Summerville SC for direction on stretches you can do for your specific condition.
  3. Handsfree Phone- Don’t strain your neck by holding your phone between your neck ear and shoulder. Whenever possible, use speaker phone and prop it on your desk.
  4. Avoid Heavy Bags- Wearing bags over your shoulders that are heavy such as purses or backpacks can put a lot of strain on your shoulders and neck. Try not to carry more than a few pounds in a bag at a time.
  5. Change Your Sleep Position- When you are receiving chiropractic care in Summerville SC your healthcare professional may suggest you using a small pillow under your neck and between your legs to keep your spine and neck in alignment.

Neck pain can be caused by a variety of issues when you are working from home; however, poor posture is one of the leading contributors. Work with your chiropractor to determine what your neck pain is caused by to not further injure yourself or cause permanent damage.

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