Neck pain relief in summerville

Chiropractors are seeing more people requesting neck pain relief in Summerville SC since many have transitioned into working from home. Neck pain falls into two different categories—muscular and skeletal, and when you are working from home it is likely you can be suffering from either or both types of pain. Knowing which you are suffering from is going to determine your treatment plan, so proper diagnosis is vital.

Muscular Neck Pain Causes

One of the most common reasons people working from home are suffering from neck pain is terrible posture. When your posture is poor there is a great amount of strain on neck muscles. If you are hunching over your desk or computer, not using ergonomically correct office equipment and furniture, pain is going to be a likely consequence.

Muscle strain in your neck can also cause headaches and decreased mobility in your head and neck. If you begin to feel numbness or tingling, pain that is not relieved after a few days with anti-inflammatories, rest, and cold therapy, or pain that is intolerable, you should seek a specialist in neck pain relief in Summerville SC.

Skeletal Neck Pain Causes

Pain associated with skeletal issues are usually attributed to osteoarthritis. This condition causes joints to wear down and cartilage to deteriorate. You can form bone spurs that cause immense pain and limited mobility.

Herniated disks are another quite common reason to seek neck pain relief in Summerville SC. Herniated disks can cause nerve compression and lead to spinal cord issues if not treated right away. Herniated disks can also be caused by trauma and injuries just like whiplash or blunt force trauma.

The last reason for neck pain caused by skeletal issues is if you suffer from diseases such as cancer, meningitis, or rheumatoid arthritis. These diseases are degenerative and rely on a much different treatment plan that other causes.

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