Older athletes find chiropractic success

Chiropractic Therapy For Adults:

Today’s adult athletes are competing in sports much later in their lives than did players of previous generations. Baseball players don’t “hang up the spikes at 29,” they play in senior leagues into their 60s and 70s. Tennis players compete in their own national championships into their 90s. Golfers continue to compete as seniors well into their 80s. Now, even figure skaters have their own Adult Championships and some of the top competitors rely on their chiropractor to keep them in top form.

Figure skaters in their late 30s used to be relegated to a coaching job, but this is no longer
the case. Thirty-something skaters Ninotchka Aschow, Choeleen Loundagin and William Abel are all National Adult champions. For each, Chiropractic has been an important part of their training program and has helped each of them to rise to the top of the winner’s platform. All three of
these competitors get help with their injuries and also direction in their total fitness from
Christina Dumbadse, D.C. in Santa Rosa, California.

Loundagin and Abel are partners in the pairs event and Chiropractic has helped Abel with injuries. “Over time, you begin to feel various pain sensations that can put your body into an uncomfortable state. For me. Chiropractic is the only thing that can turn around this type of situation. I would not go to a medical doctor for something like this.” He added that, at first he would only visit his chiropractor to get adjustments. However, he soon learned that Chiropractic offers a more holistic approach to fitness and healing, and he now visits his chiropractor for preventative care as well.

Loundagin, age 39, also came to realize that her chiropractor could be a valuable resource to help her get into better shape for competition. “Seeing a chiropractor two to three times a week allowed me to develop muscle and upper body strength for lifting as well as keeping my align­ment consistent,” she said. “Chiropractic care definitely helped me become stronger in areas that I was lacking.”

At age 37, Aschow was recently able to capture her second Ladies Title at the U.S. Singles Championship and credits the health and wellness benefits that come from her Chiropractic care for her level of success. “I have been seeing a chiropractor for the last 15 years and am confident that if I fall awkwardly and feel some discomfort during my performance, my chiropractor will fix my alignment and get me back on the ice later that day. I feel more vibrant and alive at age 37 than I did at age 27, and I can say that is a direct result of Chiropractic care.”

Any athlete at any age can benefit from a relationship with a Chiropractor for needed physical adjustments, nutritional advice and help with training. It’s a relationship that can keep a person competing successfully at a professional or recreational sport long past the time that many of their counterparts have taken to their couch. Here’s to “going for the gold” at any age!

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