Lifestyle tips for keeping your hormones and health in balance

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Older athletes find chiropractic success

Chiropractic Therapy For Adults: Today’s adult athletes are competing in sports much later in their lives than did players of previous generations. Baseball players don’t “hang up the spikes at 29,” they play in senior leagues into their 60s and 70s. Tenn

Chiropractors are organizing to provide free services to vets

Free Chiropractic Services: A growing number of chiropractors in the United States are answering a call to provide their services for free to returning veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan. The idea for free services was initiated in April by a chiropracto

Amusement rides may be a “pain in the neck” for patrons

Amusement Rides: Ever think that a roller coaster ride could cause as much damage to the body as a car accident? The odds of injury from riding a thrill ride are very low for most people, but motion-related back/neck injuries and damage are the most frequ

Chiropractic offers solutions to a physically declining nation

CHIROPRACTIC SOLUTIONS: As a nation, the United States is heading toward a sedentary, obese and very unhealthy condition. Individual sick­ ness, unhealthy eating, pharmaceutical drug intake and personal disability are all on the rise. Lost time at work and