Back Pain Specialist in Summerville

The lumbar section of your spine is the vertebrae that comprise your lower back region. When the gel like center of the disks that separate the vertebrae erupts, a herniated disk occurs. These injuries can cause severe, chronic pain in your lower back, legs, hips, and could cause your spinal cord to compress. A back pain specialist in Summerville SC will be able to tell you how to recover from your specific injury, but there are some things you can expect.

Treatment for Herniated Lumbar Disk Injuries

Herniated lumbar disk treatment will vary based on the degree of injury. A back pain specialist in Summerville SC will need to do an exam and take x-rays, and even an MRI, to diagnosis the extent of your injury. The specialist may also use myelograms, CT scan, EMG, or nerve conduct studies.

For less severe injuries self-care is often the best course of treatment for herniated disks. Rest, cold/hot therapy, and medication such as anti-inflammatories or pain relievers can relieve symptoms in four to six weeks. A back pain specialist in Summerville SC might also prescribe muscle relaxers, steroids, topical pain relievers and other medications to help relieve pain.

Steroid injections of corticosteroids into the epidural of the spine can reduce inflammation and pain immediately. These injections will need to be repeated multiple times and should be used with other forms of therapy.

In the worst cases of herniated disks surgery is sometimes necessary for recovery. Ask your backpain specialist in Summerville SC to explore microsurgical discectomies and micro endoscopic discectomies as treatment options.

If your treatment does not include surgery, recovery time is usually six weeks; however, if you need surgery, you can expect to be recovering for three months or longer. Recovery times will also depend on the type of surgery needed and if patients follow all aftercare instructions.

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