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Muscular vs. Skeletal Back Pain


Back pain is one of the most common complaints doctors hear from their patients, especially as they age. While back pain is common however, there are many different causes and even more treatments available which makes each patient experience unique. Patients who see even the best back pain specialist Summerville SC can offer [...]

Muscular vs. Skeletal Back Pain2020-12-30T15:23:51-05:00

Why Your Knee Keeps Popping


Your knees popping and cracking when you stand up, sit down, climb the stairs, or run around can be worrisome, especially when accompanied by pain or the knee completely giving out. Knee problems can start at any age and for a variety of reasons which is why a knee doctor Summerville SC residents [...]

Why Your Knee Keeps Popping2020-12-30T14:58:35-05:00

How to Fix Bulging Disks


Many people all over the world suffer from bulging disks but unfortunately, there is not one easy fix that works for everyone. Bulging disks usually occur in the lower back and can send pain shooting through your hips and down your legs. Sometimes, this pain can be so crippling there is only one [...]

How to Fix Bulging Disks2020-12-30T14:48:27-05:00

How to Resolve Neck Pain


Every human will experience neck pain at some point in their life and when it is your turn, you will be looking for neck pain relief in Summerville SC fast. Neck pain can interfere with your daily activities and cause loss of sleep. People who suffer with neck pain will often go through [...]

How to Resolve Neck Pain2020-12-30T14:15:38-05:00

Can Pregnant Women Receive Chiropractic Care?


Pregnancy is a beautiful experience, and we all want to provide the best environment for both mom and baby. The question of whether or not chiropractic care is safe during pregnancy is frequently raised by the newly-expectant mother as she plans for a healthy pregnancy. Chiropractic care during the nine-month time frame [...]

Can Pregnant Women Receive Chiropractic Care?2020-10-14T15:37:51-04:00

Connection Between Knees, Hips and Low Back


Knee pain is the second-most common cause of chronic joint pain. Although this condition is one that affects millions every year, the connection between the knee and low back is one that many have missed. The body is not singular and unilateral, but rather a system of multiple joints working together at once. [...]

Connection Between Knees, Hips and Low Back2020-08-18T14:55:58-04:00

Take A Break To Stretch and Strengthen


Everyone has different physical demands during their dai­ly routine. We find that many people sit or stand in certain positions for lengthy periods of time and that can change our posture drastically over time. As this happens, our muscles form poor habits that ultimately change our health over time. To improve poor [...]

Take A Break To Stretch and Strengthen2020-08-18T14:56:14-04:00

The Relationship of the Hip, the Low Back, and Knee


One of the most common ailments we see at Atlantic Coast Physical Medicine is misalignment of the hip joint and associated joint pain. The hip is a very unique and complex joint. The depth of the socket, the strength of the muscles and ligaments surrounding it, and the way it functions in [...]

The Relationship of the Hip, the Low Back, and Knee2020-06-04T15:13:34-04:00

Small Exercises, Big Rewards


When we hear the term ‘work out’ we usually envision going to a gym, or lifting heavy weights, or running mile after mile. We generally tend to think that bigger means better when it comes to fitness and health. However, what many of us don’t tend to [...]

Small Exercises, Big Rewards2020-03-31T14:42:35-04:00