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Allergy Immunotherapy

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Allergy Testing & Treatment

If you think that you may have allergies and live in the Charleston, SC area, check out our office for treatment! Allergies don’t always present as the typical symptoms. It could be something like fatigue or weight gain. We have offices in Summerville and Mount Pleasant, SC and can to help you combat those symptoms!
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Treatment Options

People that suffer from allergies basically have three choices:

  • Avoid what they are allergic to.
  • Take medication (antihistamines).
  • Use immunotherapy (allergy shots).

Avoidance may work for some people that are only allergic to one thing that is easy to stay away from, but if you’re allergic to something like pollen or dust, forget it. Medications usually have unwanted side-effects (drowsiness). Immunotherapy may be perfect for you.


Allergy immunotherapy (allergy shots) has been used for over 100 years by people that cannot avoid their allergens or for those individuals that do not get adequate relief from medications. Immunotherapy is different from medications because it actually changes the way the body reacts to allergens. Providers use immunotherapy control or even eliminate allergic symptoms for their patient.

How Does It Work?

Immunotherapy uses extracts of natural allergens, such as pollen, mold spores, dust mites, and animal dander, that cause allergic reactions in sensitive people. Allergen extracts are made up of tiny amounts of these allergens collected from their source in nature and dissolved in sterile liquid solutions for use by your doctor in the form of an injection.

Allergen injections strengthen your immune system and increase your tolerance to unavoidable allergens. Once your doctor has identified your specific allergen(s), you start the initial build-up phase by receiving a low level of exposure to those allergens injected into the skin. Over time, the amount of allergen exposure is gradually increased so that your body gets used to it and does not react with allergy symptoms. In this way, your body can become desensitized to the allergens that once caused problems for you. Then, you continue to receive the effective allergen dose during the maintenance phase of therapy.

Is Immunotherapy Safe?

Allergy immunotherapy has been around for so long, the safety profile of this therapy is well known. This therapy can be used to treat children and adults, and even pregnant women. Minor reactions, such as a redness or itching at the injection site, may occur following a treatment. Reactions can be managed by the doctor who administers the treatment. These kinds of reactions do not interfere with treatment in the majority (96%) of patients. In rare cases, more severe, reactions may occur. For this reason, allergy immunotherapy is always given under close medical supervision.


Medical studies have shown that up to 85% of people treated with immunotherapy for hay fever may achieve symptom relief within the first year of starting immunotherapy. Many people benefit from being able to reduce the use of allergy medications and an improved quality of life.


Most insurances do cover allergy testing and treatment. Our insurance specialists will contact your insurance provider to verify coverage.

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How can allergies be treated?2019-01-09T16:03:26-05:00

If you suffer from chronic allergies, you typically have three choices:

  • Trigger avoidance
  • Daily and on-the-spot medications, such as antihistamines
  • Immunotherapy

Trigger avoidance works well if you’re allergic to very few things, and you don’t have to come into contact with them very often. But, if you’re among the millions of people who have allergies against very common substances, such as pollen, mold, dust, or pet dander, avoidance isn’t typically a practical solution.

Daily medications are effective, but many people don’t like the side effects of these drugs, namely drowsiness.

One of the best solutions for chronic allergies is immunotherapy, which tackles the problem in an effective and long-lasting way by controlling, and even eliminating, your allergy.

How does immunotherapy work?2019-01-09T16:04:12-05:00

Immunotherapy uses extracts of natural allergens, such as pollen, mold spores, dust mites, and animal dander, to help you gradually build up a tolerance toward the substance. Your doctor uses tiny amounts of these allergens, which are collected from their natural source and dissolved in sterile liquid solutions, and introduces them slowly to your immune system through injections.

Over time, your doctor gradually increases the amount of allergen exposure so that your body grows accustomed to it and doesn’t react. By doing this, your doctor desensitizes your body to the allergens that were once a source of misery.

As your immunotherapy treatment progresses, you continue to receive the effective allergen dose to maintain your results.

Is immunotherapy safe?2019-01-09T16:05:10-05:00

Allergy immunotherapy has been around for 100 years, which means the safety profile of this therapy is well known. At Atlantic Coast Physical Medicine, the health care providers use immunotherapy on children and adults, and even pregnant women.

Because your doctor is injecting you with an allergen, you may experience a mild reaction, such as redness or itching at the injection site, but your doctor easily manages these reactions, so they rarely interfere with ongoing treatment. Still, it’s for this reason that allergy immunotherapy always has close medical supervision at Atlantic Coast Physical Medicine

What results can I expect from immunotherapy?2019-01-09T17:58:22-05:00

Medical studies have shown that up to 85% of people treated with immunotherapy for hay fever may find symptom relief within the first year of starting immunotherapy. Many of the patients at Atlantic Coastal Physical Medicine require fewer allergy medications and experience an improved quality of life.

Allergy Immunotherapy

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