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Physical Therapy in Summerville | What is Included in ACL Rehabilitation

Professional athletes are all aware of hour awful an ACL tear can be, and it is one of the conditions they fear the most. ACL injuries can sometimes put athletes out of commission permanently, especially if they did not receive physical therapy in Summerville early in the rehab process post-surgery. Being stressed about recovery and rehabilitation is common and completely normal; however, knowing exactly what is included in ACL rehab can help relieve some worries.

Steps to ACL Rehabilitation

ACL injuries are not a career ending injury like they used to be twenty years ago. However, recovery after ACL surgery is still difficult and needs to be taken seriously. Physical therapy in Summerville offices stay up to date on the latest and most advanced practices. There are a few areas of rehabilitation that a physical therapist will focus on during the steps to rehabilitation.

  1. Diminish Pain and Swelling
  2. Restoration of Full Knee Extension
  3. Progress in Knee Flexion
  4. Restore Patellar Mobility
  5. Volitional Quad Control Restoration
  6. Independent Ambulation

Recovering after any surgery is difficult and needs to be taken slow to avoid accidental injuries. This is especially true for ACL injury patients and other surgeries that affect mobility. Athletes are some of the most driven and determined people, so getting back on the field as soon as possible may seem ideal but pushing yourself too hard post-surgery can have drastic consequences. The specialists who work in physical therapy in Summerville will create a treatment plan that details every step of the way to full recovery and rehabilitation, and it is important that patients follow the plan and advice.

ACL surgery rehabilitation can take anywhere from six to twelve months. Some athletes who sustain ACL injuries that need surgery will have to miss a season. However, physical therapy in Summerville can help to maintain it is not more than that.

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